The best way to integrate Stellar into your apps

StellarAuth increases user security and enables key management across applications and user actions with more grace and simplicity than any 2FA system out there.

Easily bake Stellar into your app, and help your users stay safer than ever before

Building successful apps and service is difficult, the last thing you should be concerning yourself with are those bits and pieces unrelated to your actual service. Focus on your work and we'll focus on ours.

Building Stellar into your apps can be difficult and require a lot of work.

Stellar is an insanely powerful and flexible suite of tools and services. Integrating that into your app in a fully useful way in a daunting task. Let us take the pain away and leave you with a simple intuitive API.

Want to get the most out of Stellar? You may need to rewrite a lot of stuff. That, or you can use StellarAuth.

Why do more when you could do less? Why work harder when you could work smarter? Let us handle the things we're good at so you can focus on your service and users.

Without StellarAuth not only is your app going to continue missing out on all the goodness of Stellar, your users will also remain less secure.

You and your users deserve and demand the very best of both modern security and usability. Never settle, get the best. StellarAuth is custom designed on top of Stellar for both usability and security.

See StellarAuth In Action

Check out our demo and see how this whole idea works. We think you'll be impressed, and want to start using StellarAuth in every app just like we do.

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I get what StellarAuth does for me, but what does it do for my users?

With dedicated native apps your users will experience a dedicated, tailored experience both simple and familiar to them. No goofy passhprases, secret keys or complex passwords to remember.

StellarAuth turns any interaction a user can have within your app into a transaction on the Stellar Network

The lifecycle relationship between your app and users is complex, ongoing and specific. You need a secured, dedicated service to communicate your requests in a meanful and accessible way. You need StellarAuth.

What this means is that we're able to build a WAY more flexible UI than you’ve ever seen within a 2FA application

Passing codes around is dumb. Email and social aren't the most secure. StellarAuth is a new, more modern and secure authentication model allowing for extremely specific permissions and deep control and tweaking without sacrificing security or usability.

You can get up and running with StellarAuth in mere minutes. That's right, we said minutes.

StellarAuth is designed to meet your application where it's at. Implement it for only passwordless login, or as a 2FA replacement or scale it all the way up to handling much more complex permissions and actions deep inside your service logic. It's up to you.

And one of our favorite features? StellarAuth is Free for both you, and your users.

Good security best practices shouldn't break the bank, in fact they shouldn't even touch your bank. We'll make our money elsewhere in enterprise metrics, monitoring, white labeling and premium support packages. StellarAuth as a base service will always be free.